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Suivi du Débarquement

Delivery is one of the main activities MLTSA. It involves sending cargo by the owner's instructions, to a definite destination either for storage or for commercial purposes or for direct delivery.
It covers several aspects among which are:

The administrative component:

Previously it is notified to the concerned paries ie the customs service, transport trucks for the charter, experts and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce at the weighbridge for weighing trucks.

chartering trucks:

Given the amount of cargo and our clients' requirement on delivery time; MLTSA chartered trucks in addition to those at its disposal to ensure a rapid abduction, but also to avoid any disruption in operations.


Following the operations carried on the vessel, an operation commonly known as transfer ensues for the delivery of cargo to the place of storage.

 Receipt and Delivery:

Arrived in warehouses, loading is received by the storekeeper, with the help of pointers and finding experts who are affected.
 Note that delivery can begin at the reception as she can wait until the end.

Inventory management:

It is at the heart of service delivery. Indeed, once the cargo warehouse requires some planning and regular monitoring. All this is possible through modern management tools.

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