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Suivi du Débarquement

Founded in 2005, M.L.T. SA is now positioned very significantly in the field of port operations.

Our commitment to reduce the gap between the clients and their goods has significantly strengthened the recognition of our expertise by many of our partners.

The quality of our management team has induced the expansion of our field of competencies over the scope of traditional activities.

Currently, our main activities revolve primarily around handling, logistics, shipping, transit, transportation, and the third detention.

We work in all the country (Senegal) but also in the sub-region where we have opened offices, like in Bissau, Bamako, Banjul, Nouackchot, Conakry and Accra.

VOPAK SA serves as HUB for our activities in Europe, America and Asia.

MLT SA is positioned as the first company handling heavy goods in the port of Dakar.

With all these advantages, we hope to count you among our partners.

MLT SA to advises you, assists you, guides you and meets your requirements.


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